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TimeKeeper® Enterprise Clock Sync Platform

Finite State Machine Labs (FSMTime and FSMLabs) has over 20 years of experience in developing, marketing, and supporting innovative software systems. FSMLabs was an early pioneer in Linux real-time and virtualization. We created, patented, and marketed RTLinux products, which revolutionized the real-time software business. The company sold the real-time business in 2007, retained rights to the IP for the enterprise market, and has since been developing clock sync technology for the financial trading industry and other enterprise computing industries

Released in 2008, the company’s first intelligent TimeKeeper enterprise-class clock sync platform offered unique microsecond accuracy performance over NTP for time-syncing critical financial trading applications. TimeKeeper (TK) was soon extended to support IEEE 1588 PTP and to offer the first resilient NTP/PTP-diversified fault tolerance capability. Released in 2011, initially the first and now the second generation TK-Grandmaster II time server appliance, remains the only TK software-powered, GNSS-sourced hardware network clock that provides < 30ns accuracy at its output and synchronizes TK-Client at sub-µs accuracy against UTC traceability over NTP/PTP network feeds, with native 10/25/40/100GbE ultrahigh speed capability.

The company’s first generation, real-time products powered complex, high-end systems, from Samsung’s ship building robots to Pratt & Whitney’s jet fighter engines. Our second generation TK products keep the world's most advanced financial trading firms on beat, as well as providing the secure enterprise heartbeat to other industries.

US Designed & Developed Software

The company’s intellectual property is designed to leverage and build on the capabilities of industry standard software systems and middleware, while focusing on adding value through innovative technology that reduces the need for inefficient, non-native custom solutions. All FSMLabs software development takes place in the United States.