TimeKeeper® Active Client

Augmented, resilient sub-microsecond client clock sync software for time-critical enterprise applications

TimeKeeper Active Client (TK Active Client) is an augmented, fault-tolerant network clock sync software system for enterprise or other applications. TK Active Client synchronizes clocks on Linux, Windows, and Solaris application servers and virtual machines to multisource NTP/PTP feeds over the network with up to sub-microsecond accuracy against UTC/NIST traceability. TK Active Client seamlessly upgrades legacy NTP infrastructure with leading-edge NTP/PTP precision at the lowest TCO, while automatically exploiting available hardware-assisted NIC timestamping capability for enhanced time precision. TK Active Client performance exceeds many regulatory requirements, including MiFID II, RTS-25, FINRA, CAT, PSD2, and UTC/NIST standard traceability.

TK Active Client’s Resilient UTC-Traceable NTP/PTP Timing Quality Monitoring, Alerting & Management

How the ML-based Multisource TimeKeeper Active Client Works

Intelligent, fault-tolerant network clock sync

TimeIQ™ technology is a patented, Machine Learning (ML)-based clock modeling system, achieving unprecedented and augmented NTP/PTP accuracy, rejecting bad time, and assuring security.
TrustedTime™ technology ensures client time sources are fault-tolerant by monitoring and detecting errors in real-time and alerting IT staff via SNMP and email.
SourceCheck™ monitors time performance to discover and reject compromised time sources, such as errors, attacks, and faults, and to verify and validate reliable time.


The time source visualization tool

This powerful tool visually displays the topology of the enterprise network clock sync of time feeds from multi-vendor time servers, including the TimeKeeper Server (TK-Server), either as time server or boundary clock software, and/or the TK-Grandmaster II appliance. Users can view or diagnose the time source profile of each TimeMap node (IP, hostname, MAC, accuracy, and more).

Web Management Dashboard

TK-Client is designed with an intuitive web management dashboard, providing comprehensive user control features such as installation, configuration, performance monitoring/analytics, alert notification, fault logs, CLI, support, administration, and more.

TK Active Client In-Depth

Product information
  • Lowest cost to upgrade legacy NTP infrastructure with high-precision NTP/PTP clock sync solution
  • Secure, trusted, UTC/NIST-traceable enterprise clock sync
  • Smart monitoring with automatic failover and alerting, for high-reliability clock sync
  • Lowest TCO across multiple OS servers and VMs
  • Scalable in the cloud, on servers, and on VMs, without affecting clock sync
  • Supports Linux, Windows, and Solaris OS, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or less 
  • Uses patented ML TimeIQ, with SourceCheck that verifies, validates, and cross-checks time sources
  • Provides TimeMap tool to display the enterprise clock sync chain topology
  • Utilizes TrustedTime to detect complex clock sync deficiencies such as asymmetry, delay, and broken link and self-heals the enterprise clock sync chain
  • Comes with a web management dashboard for performance graphs, configuration, monitoring, alerts, UTC traceability, audit logs, admin, and more 
  • Exploits hardware-assisted timestamping devices, such as Mellanox, Solarflare, Intel, and Broadcom, for enhanced NTP/PTP precision

TimeKeeper Time Synchronization in 5 Minutes.