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Products » Platform » Client » Server » Compliance » Grandmaster II

TimeKeeper® Compliance

Augmented clock sync management/monitoring/analytics software for real-time regulatory & standards compliance reporting*

TimeKeeper Compliance (TK-Compliance) is an augmented clock sync compliance software tool for compliance officers and auditors as well as network performance engineers, enabling secure, real-time UTC/NIST traceable performance monitoring, troubleshooting, analytics, reporting, regulatory compliance (MiFID II , SEC 613 CAT NMS, UTC/NIST traceability, SMPTE 2059 PTP), and management, all in a consolidated audit trail. TK-Compliance visualizes and monitors the global network timing chain topology, aggregates data from all TK Active Clients and other vendor client software, analyzes and graphs all client KPIs, reports compliance performance  divergence, and securely stores all network clock sync records for over 5 years or more. TK-Compliance is easy to use and runs on Linux, Windows, and Solaris machines. We are listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

*Disclaimer: We don’t provide legal or regulatory compliance advice with regard to any of our products or with respect to the use of our products. You should consult with your attorney and/or regulatory compliance officer for legal and regulatory advice, including regarding compliance with FINRA, MiFID II, CAT, and other regulations.

How TimeKeeper Compliance Works

TK-Compliance integrates the intelligent TimeKeeper Server (TK-Server), which aggregates all time client data while monitoring clients’ KPIs, and provides innovative, scalable features for easy compliance analytics and reporting. TK-Server’s TimeMonitor™ capability allows users to configure an arbitrary, redundant network of TK-Compliance servers for fault tolerance, efficient workloads, and low-latency networks.


The TimeAssurance technology efficiently aggregates and analyzes in real time all the clock sync data logs from TK-Client, TK-Server’s TimeMonitor, and other vendor time clients according to their data aggregation and communication capabilities. TimeAssurance generates standard and custom compliance reports for various regulatory and business audits, such as MiFID II, FINRA, CAT NSM, SEC Rule 613ESMA, MiFIR, PSD2, and UTC and NIST traceability, with an intuitive web dashboard.

Global TimeMapTM

The Enterprise time source visualization tool

Powered with TK-Server, TK-Compliance equips users with an effective planning tool to visually display the global enterprise-wide clock sync network topology of multivendor clients and time servers, as well as the intelligent TK-Client, TK-Server as a boundary clock, and TK-Grandmaster II appliance.

Web Management Dashboard

TK-Compliance is designed with TK-Server’s intuitive web management dashboard, providing comprehensive user control features such as installation, configuration, performance monitoring/analytics, UTC traceability, alert notification, fault logs, CLI, support, administration, and more. TK-Compliance settings can be changed without affecting the clock sync operation.

TK-Compliance In-Depth

Product Information
  • Real-time enterprise clock sync reporting compliance made easy for compliance officers and auditors
  • TimeAssurance technology for maximining user productivity
  • All time clients monitored with their KPIs easily available, with peace-of-mind alerts
  • Powerful reporting capability, with custom user-defined reports for regulatory and business requirements
  • Secure archiving of all enterprise clock sync data for on-demand proof of compliance
  • Supporting Linux, Windows, and Solaris OS, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or less
  • TimeAssurance alerts on exceeded, user-defined time sync thresholds, including MiFID’s 100µs and FINRA’s 50ms accuracy requirements 
  • Redundant TK-Compliance servers’ capability with TK-Server’s TimeMonitor
  • Multiformat reports including plain text, XLS, PDF, and SQL queries
  • Displays Global TimeMap™ of the enterprise clock sync chain topology as an invaluable compliance tool

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TimeKeeper Time Synchronization in 5 Minutes.