Products » Platform » Client » Server » Compliance » Grandmaster II

Products » Platform » Client » Server » Compliance » Grandmaster II

TimeKeeper® Grandmaster II

Augmented, secure <30ns, software-powered ultrahigh-speed <10/25/40/100GbE GNSS NTP/PTP time server

TimeKeeper Grandmaster II (TK-Grandmaster II) is an augmented, secure, second-generation, high-performance software-powered time server appliance for data center IT users, receiving any time source (GNSS, CDMA, NTP, PTP, and others) and serving time over multiple ultrahigh-speed, hardware-timestamped < 10/25/40/100GbE NTP/PTP ports at < 30ns precision. Powered by TK-Server software, TK-Grandmaster II provides augmented analytics, real-time monitoring, and time sync management, including patented anti-jamming and -spoofing SkyMap capabilities, and integrates an enhanced near-Rb-performance OCXO or a Rb holdover oscillator, coupled with a multi-constellation GNSS receiver. Moreover, it provides powerful client management, including configuration, monitoring, fault, logging, performance, clock sync chain topology visualization, alert, notification and security.

How the TimeKeeper Grandmaster II Works

TK-Grandmaster II integrates the intelligent TK-Server software and these innovative, scalable features for resilient, reliable enterprise clock sync:
• GNSS SkyMap™ Anti-Threat Trusted Sources
• Enhanced Holdover Clock
• SecureTime™
• Web Management Dashboard

GNSS SkyMap Anti-Threat Trusted Sources

The SkyMap technology is a patented GNSS analytics tool, monitoring real-time performance, threat, and resilience of multi-GNSS time references and accepting only trusted time sources for reliable, quality NTP/PTP time serving of the enterprise clock sync network. Threats such as spoofed and jammed signals are automatically detected and mitigated by SkyMap, rejecting inaccurate or compromised sources. Vulnerable or invalid sources are graphically visualized (see purple areas below), showing the map location and sky view of the affected GNSS antenna, with SkyMap providing user alerts and audit logs. 

Enhanced Holdover Clock

TK-Grandmaster II is equipped with smart GNSS-disciplined clock sync technology with either a crystal or an atomic rubidium oscillator, which greatly enhances the holdover or timekeeping capability of the enterprise clock sync in case of lost or compromised GNSS time sources.


SecureTime tracks multiple secure time sources that are verified, validated, and cross-checked by SkyMap, by TK-Server’s network TimeMonitor™ and TimeMap™, and by TimeKeeper Client’s (TK-Client) TrustedTime™ multisource failover capability, ensuring client time sources are fault-tolerant for time-critical enterprise applications. SecureTime also provides transparent failover for redundant TK-Grandmaster II appliances.

TimeKeeper Clock Sync Chain

Sub-microsecond enterprise timing performance

TimeKeeper Platform is fault-tolerant, making enterprise clock sync resilient end-to-end and providing trusted sub-microsecond accuracy performance to TK-Clients' application servers and VMs. The TK-Compliance tool ensures that the integrity of the enterprise clock sync chain of connected time sync devices, with TimeIQTM intelligence and TrustedTime accuracy assurance to UTC traceability, is fully compliant to MiFID II, FINRA, and CAT regulations at all times.

Web Management Dashboard

TK-Grandmaster II is designed with an intuitive web management dashboard, providing comprehensive user control features such as installation, configuration, performance monitoring/analytics, UTC traceability, alert notification, fault logs, CLI, support, administration, and more. TK-Grandmaster II settings can be changed without affecting the clock sync operation.

TK-Grandmaster II In-Depth

  • Lowest cost to upgrade legacy low-speed NTP infrastructure with high-precision NTP/PTP clock sync solution
  • Hardware-timestamped accuracy within 100’s of nanoseconds using NTP/PTP feeds
  • Global TimeMap™ topology visualization for planning and management
  • High reliability, resiliency, and quality through state-of-the-art design
  • Reduced timing errors and network latency by matching packet speed with network speed
  • Outputs ultrahigh-speed 1/10/25/40/ 100GbE ports 
  • Uses patented GNSS SkyMap™ Anti-Threat Trusted Sources capability
  • Provides Enhanced Holdover Clock (crystal or atomic rubidium)
  • Uses patented SecureTime™ monitoring and TrustedTime™ multisource failover capabilities, with each source verified, validated, and cross-checked in real time 
  • Accommodates hot-swappable power supplies and storage cards
  • Includes flexible, intuitive web-based management dashboard or CLI

TimeKeeper Time Synchronization in 5 Minutes.