TimeKeeper® Platform 8 Solution

The gold standard in secure enterprise clock sync

TimeKeeper Platform 8 Solution (TK-Platform version 8) is an intelligent, complete software-driven clock synchronization solution, enabling secure, resilient, and state-of-the-art enterprise clock sync at higher accuracy performance than competing products and at the lowest total cost of ownership. TK-Platform is used by hundreds of large organizations, including global banks and other financial institutions, as well as government agencies and leading firms in industries ranging from Internet gaming to network management. The TK-Platform is an integrated suite of products for secure clock sourcing, distribution, synchronization, monitoring, management, and administration.

TimeKeeper Active Client

Smart, secure sub-microsecond client clock sync

TimeKeeper Active Client (TK Active Client) is a smart, fault-tolerant network clock sync software system for enterprise and other “must-work” applications. TK Active Client synchronizes clocks on Linux, Windows, and Solaris application servers and virtual machines to multisource NTP/PTP feeds over the network at up to sub-microsecond precision for both PTP and NTP.

TimeKeeper Server

Smart software grandmaster and boundary clock

TimeKeeper Server (TK-Server) smart software transforms any server computer into a timing appliance, grandmaster, or stratum server. TK-Server software can use networks or devices like GPS receivers as time sources and can serve time over any protocol. TK-Server also archives records and performs visualization and time data analysis for whole networks. TK-Server aggregates clock data from clients and provides real-time monitoring of clients and time sources.

TimeKeeper Compliance

Smart compliance management for FINRA/MIFID II/CAT NMS & other regulations

TimeKeeper Compliance (TK-Compliance) is a smart clock sync compliance software tool for data center IT users and auditors, enabling system performance monitoring, troubleshooting, big data analytics, reporting, and management. TK-Compliance visualizes and monitors the global clock sync chain topology, aggregates data from all TimeKeeper Active Clients (TK Active Client) and other vendor clients, graphs all client KPIs, and reports compliance performance divergence. TK-Compliance produces configurable reports: on the web, as PDFs that can be automatically generated and emailed to compliance officers, or in many other formats including Excel and a SQL database interface.


TimeKeeper Grandmaster II

Smart, secure <30ns, software-powered GNSS <10/25/40/100GbE NTP/PTP time server

TimeKeeper Grandmaster II (TK-Grandmaster II) is a smart, secure, second-generation, high-performance software-powered time server appliance for data center IT users, receiving any time source (GNSS, NTP, PTP, and others) and serving time over multiple ultrahigh-speed, hardware-timestamped NTP/PTP ports at <30ns precision. TK-Grandmaster ll is based on TK-Server software and provides all the analytics and real-time monitoring of TK-Server in a turnkey hardware solution with high quality OCXO or RB oscillators and an integrated multi-constellation GNSS receiver.