TimeKeeper® Server

Augmented clock sync grandmaster/monitoring/analytics server or boundary clock software for time-critical enterprise applications

TimeKeeper Server (TK-Server) is an augmented software grandmaster that can act as a boundary clock or stratum server while providing real-time monitoring and alerting, fault-tolerance, and clock distribution analysis. TK-Server receives any time source (GNSS, IRIG, CDMA, NTP, PTP, and others) and serves multiple NTP/PTP feeds over the network. TK-Server monitors the entire network time sync, visualizes the global network time sync topology, analyzes performance, and archives auditable records.

How TimeKeeper Server Works

Time quality monitoring, alerting, and management

TK-Server integrates the machine learning (ML)-based TimeKeeper Client (TK-Client) product as well as innovative, scalable features for resilient, reliable, and UTC-traceable enterprise clock sync.

MultiSource I/O Feature

This feature receives multiple NTP/PTP feeds over the network, accepts a 1PPS signal or uses a bus-level GNSS device, and serves multiple NTP/PTP feeds with a near infinite mix of NTP/PTP profiles. TK-Server can be configured as a boundary clock as well, receiving and serving multiple NTP/PTP feeds. 

Global TimeMapTM

The enterprise time source visualization tool

This powerful planning tool visually displays the global enterprise-wide clock sync network topology of multivendor clients and time servers, as well as the intelligent TK-Client, TK-Server, and TimeKeeper Grandmaster II (TK-Grandmaster II) appliance. Critical UTC-traceable direct and indirect paths of primary reference time sources, such as GNSS, terrestrial TaaS (Time-as-a-Service) feeds, IRIG, CDMA, and any other source that serves time, are tracked and displayed in real time. Users can view or diagnose the time source profile of each TimeMap node (IP hostname, MAC, accuracy, and more).


This innovative monitoring technology self-discovers the network topology of the enterprise clock sync chain by using a variety of network time protocols and profiles (PTP, PTP hybrid, PTP unicast, NTP, and more). TimeMonitor also aggregates timing data on the network, including time sync performance, UTC-traceability, and other time-affecting data, to provide these unique real-time features:
• Monitors the time distribution and the network clock sync of clients
• Provides alerts for time source and client errors via SNMP, email, and syslog (also accessible through any text-based log management system)
• Sends and receives time management messages to/from multivendor clients and time servers, including the intelligent TK-Client and/or TK-Grandmaster II
• Compiles a master audit log of clock sources and clients for TimeKeeper Compliance (TK-Compliance) and other analytics tools
• Automates the discovery of clients and clock sources for monitoring, logging, and configuration

Web Management Dashboard Feature

TK-Server is designed with an intuitive web management dashboard providing comprehensive user control features such as installation, configuration, performance monitoring/analytics, UTC traceability, alert notification, fault logs, CLI, support, administration, and more. TK-Server settings can be changed without affecting the clock sync operation.

TK-Server In-Depth

Product information
  • Lowest cost to upgrade legacy NTP infrastructure with high-precision NTP/PTP clock sync solution
  • Secure, trusted, UTC-traceable enterprise clock sync 
  • Smart monitoring with automatic failover and alerting for high reliability clock sync
  • Lowest TCO across multiple OS servers and VMs
  • Scalable in the cloud, on servers, and on VMs, without affecting clock sync
    • Supports Linux, Windows, and SOolaris OS, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or less
    • Uses patented ML technology to transform any server machine into a high-precision time server appliance
    • Provides TimeMonitor™ tool to monitor the performance of the entire enterprise clock sync
    • Displays Global TimeMap™ of the enterprise clock sync chain topology as a planning and management tool
    • Provides clock sync performance analytics and archives audit records
    • Comes with an intuitive web management dashboard for configuration, monitoring, performance analytics, UTC traceability, alerts, audit logs, admin, and more

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