Secure enterprise cybertiming for timestamping critical cybersecurity applications in real time

The Challenge

Time-sensitive cybersecurity applications, such as real-time cyberattack, with massive concurrent bots of cyber kill chain, cyberhunt, cybersensor, cyberthreat DPM (detection, prevention & mitigation), and cyberanalytics, must be accurately and reliably time-synced and timestamped for data integrity and governance, precise data timestamping, and real-time analytics of time-series and IP cyberattack geo-location and time-of-event data, including prescription and prediction, log file diagnostics, and precision cyberforensics, to name a few. Furthermore, clock synchronization itself presents attack surfaces. TimeKeeper's unique monitoring and security alerting capabilities provide a basis for secure cybertiming and the use of synchronized clocks in securing computing platforms.

The Solution

TimeKeeper® is a leading enterprise-class clock sync platform solution for time-sensitive cybersecurity applications. TimeKeeper's innovative products can reliably synchronize time-critical application servers and VMs in data centers to within sub-µs accuracy against UTC traceability across an end-to-end network.