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Secure enterprise clock sync for timing critical broadcast video applications in real time

The Challenge
Time-series, interactive sports analytics tools, and cloud-based mobile TV, must be accurately and reliably time-synced for data integrity, data governance, network latency monitoring, precise data timestamping, deterministic network performance, log file diagnostics, and real-time big data analytics, as well as for meeting the SMPTE 2059 PTP timing standard for supporting SMPTE ST2110 media systems. Accurate time sync of distributed applications is achieved when the enterprise clock sync chain is traceable to UTC, the ultimate stratum 1 master clock reference, through a variety of time sources, such as GNSS, CDMA, and other sources.

Our Reference
Monitoring PTP time sync to support and enhance advanced OTT communications services can be a challenge and expensive. Smart TimeKeeper Client®, with ML-based multisource and failover capabilities, is a cost-effective software solution used by BCE, pioneers in the IP media world.

“The broadcast industry is rushing into full digital IP based workflows. These Workflows depends on clock synchronization. FSMTime TimeKeeper software and hardware has multiple unique features that make it invaluable in setting up, controlling, operating, and monitoring clock sync in this new era of broadcasting.” – Costas Colombus, Director of Technology Projects and Support at BCE

The Solution

TimeKeeper® is a leading enterprise-class clock sync platform solution for time-sensitive broadcast applications. TimeKeeper's innovative products can reliably synchronize time-critical application servers and VMs in data centers to within sub-µs accuracy against UTC traceability across an end-to-end network.